Roberto Grosso Ciponte MBCI

After studying at the Hotel Management School of Lausanne (EHL 88-92) and working for several years in various management positions within international hotel chains Roberto started working at Nespresso in December 2000. During the first two years Roberto managed the Nespresso Club Switzerland and from 2002 until 2009 he took charge of all the Nespresso Customer Relationship Centres worldwide. It was during this time that Roberto first made contact with the Business Continuity when he had been asked to develop solutions for the Customer Relationship Centres. At that time Nespresso’s Customer Relationship Centres where based on single points of contact and therefore were also single points of failure for the company.

Since 2009 Roberto has been in charge of the Business Continuity Management for Nestlé and since 2014 has also taken the responsibility for various insurance programmes as well. Roberto is the contact for all insurance related questions for some Nestlé markets and some globally managed businesses.

Roberto has been responsible for the BCI Forum in the French part of Switzerland since 2013 and from March 2015 has led the BCI Swiss Chapter.

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